The Feal Good Foundation

As much as we feel an event like this is needed to bring awareness to the people of Long Island, we also feel it is our duty to help those who have helped us.

Since the attacks of September 11th, 2001, countless first responders have come down with illnesses that can only be explained as being caused by the air that lingered over the rubble and debris of the fallen towers, air they were told was safe to breathe.

Remember this? 


Christie Whitman says air is safe days after 911


These brave men trusted their government when it told them there was no danger to their health, but, as they have tragically found out the hard way, an organization focused on the profit of others (you do know that Wall Street was right down the road and would have been forced to stay closed if the air was found to be toxic, yes?) cannot be trusted with your health and safety.  

But as we have realized, only the determination of individuals can truly make things better, and to this end, we are happy to announce that 50% of the profits from ticket sales will go to The Feal Good Foundation to help them help their brothers fight on in the difficult days ahead.

So please help us so that we can help them fight on.  

Thank you

To learn more about The Feal Good Foundation, just click the image below & watch the videos below to learn more about this incredible organization and their continuing struggle for justice.

Videos of The Feal Good Foundation

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