Our Speakers

[Editor's Note: This page is constantly being updated as more individuals decide to share with us their time with us to speak at this event, so come back often.]


Charlotte Iserbyt

Speaking on  "Communist Core and School Choice: A Lethal Concoction",  Charlotte is the former Senior Policy Adviser of the U.S. Department of Education and author of "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" (deliberatedumbingdown.com). Her forthcoming work is entitled "Global Road to Ruin Through Education". The preview [click here] gives an overview of current education problems and policies delivered by researchers who have tracked this process for over 40 years!

Read more about this remarkable woman here.  

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Bill Still

An award winning movie producer and author who advocates for monetary reform Still's movies, "The Money Masters" and "The Secret of Oz", which won best documentary award at the 2010 Beloit International Film Festival, demonstrate historical evidence that most of the world's economic and political problems can be solved by eliminating fractional reserve lending and debt-based money.  To this end he has proposed a bill called the Monetary Reform Act.

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Sheriff Richard Mack

Sheriff Mack is the former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, who sued the Clinton administration during the mid-90s over the Brady Bill. He is currently trying to educate sheriffs nation-wide about their powers to   protect their constituents from abuse by the federal government with is   organization Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Organization. http://cspoa.org/

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Mary Tocco

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Mary is on a mission to save babies from Toxic Vaccines.  She is the Radio Host of "Healing Our World" heard on the Republic Broadcasting Network. The Program is focused on what in the world is making us sick, natural healing methods and empowering people to make a difference in the world. Mary is on the Board  of Directors for WAVE, World Association for Vaccine Education, is the Director of Vaccine Research and Education for Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines, and is also affiliated with Mothering Magazine as a member of Ask the Experts. She is on a passionate mission to reach parents and physicians with the truth about vaccine toxicity and injury.  Please visit her website www.childhoodshots.com

You can also find out more about her by click right here.  

Medea Benjamin


Medea Benjamin, is an American political activist, co-founder of the Peace group, Code Pink and author of "Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control".  Drone Warfare is  the first comprehensive analysis of  one of the fastest growing --and most secretive-- fronts in global conflict: the rise of robot warfare. She will discuss the US fleet of nearly 7,500 drones and the $5 billion dollar business in the US alone as well as the human cost --Drones strikes have killed nearly 200 children in Pakistan and Yemen.  Medea is also known as "the Woman who heckled Obama" Please visit her website to learn more: http://www.codepink4peace.org/

You can also read more about her right here.  

G. Edward Griffin


Few individuals have done more for the cause of American Freedom than this man. For decades he has been warning and educating the people of this country on the threats faced by this nation (the kind of threats that you simply don't hear about on the Mainstream Media) and his cause shall continue at our event. Mr. Griffin shall be speaking on an issues that has gained him a great deal of notoriety: Agenda 21. G. Edward has been warning the people of the evil that is this program since its inception and he shall elucidate to all who come why it must be stopped and how to stop it. Agenda 21 is the greatest threat this nation faces for the sheer fact that so many Americans know nothing about it. His speech shall change this reality and you should be here to hear it.

Read more about him right here

Joanne Naughton of LEAP


LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) is a group of courageous individuals who have decided to stand up and say that the means being used to fight 'The War On Drugs' are not working. Even more courageously, they have come to the realization that the only real solution is to make legally available these substances as they've come to realize that the sheer fact that these substances are illegal is the very reason the violence and the suffering exist. Joanne Naughton shall be speaking for LEAP at our event and she will make it quite clear for all of those that deny reality that this method of 'fighting'  is simply not working, in fact, it's making things worse. This will be a talk that is not to be missed so be ready to have your perceptions upended.  Learn more about their organization at their website: www.leap.cc/

Learn more about LEAP & Joanne Naughtion by clicking here.  

Linda Booker


One of the creators of the film 'Bringing It Home' , Linda Booker will be discussing the virtues of Industrial Hemp, a product exported into this country at levels far outweighing any other nations desire for it. In fact, American consumers purchase over $450 million in hemp products every year and yet this miracle plant cannot be grown in the country it literally helped build. A producer/director of documentaries and videos, she believes that if more people knew about the amazing things that industrial hemp could do to create a healthier and sustainable economy, healthier and more energy efficient homes, thousands of non-toxic products, and healthier air, water, food and soil — that Americans would come together to support industrial hemp farming in every state in the U.S. We agree and are thrilled to have her. Please go to the films website, bringingithomemovie.com, to learn more.

And to learn more about the wonders of industrial hemp, just click here.  

Jerry Day

Jerry Day.jpg

Anyone who knows anything about the dangers of Smart Meters knows who Jerry Day is. In fact, when you search the very term 'Dangers of Smart Meters', his YouTube video of the same name pops right up. Jerry has been railing against the introduction of so-called 'Smart Meters' for some years now and his reasoning is anything but flawed. Evidence grows by the day about how inefficient, intrusive & dangerous Smart Meters are and Jerry's talk on them, timely considering LIPA has started a pilot program of placing these meters on homes and businesses along Route 110, shall be quite enlightening to those who know nothing about these controversial devices. Go to Jerry's website www.jerryday.com for more information on Smart Meters then you may wish to know, but should.

Also, go to our page on Jerry containing videos of him & others talking about the dangers of 'Smart Meters' by clicking here.

Jake Hays


With the growing battle over the prospect of Hydraulic Fracturing -- better known as 'Fracking'  -- occurring in Upstate New York (the potential fallout of which could reach all the way down to New York City if something goes wrong), it seems right to have someone like Jake Hays, who's appeared to speak around the state and even before the NYS legislature to provide concerning testimony about the practice, to tell us about why this process is so worrying. Is New York a place we want this 'bringer of energy independence' or is it someplace that should stand up as one and say 'NO!' to the practice? This man will tell you what he's told our legislature, and you should listen to him. Find out more about the organization he works with at psehealthyenergy.org.

Also, go to our page on him & the dangers of Fracking by clicking here

KrisAnne Hall


With the recent revelations by Edward Snowden about the extraordinary depth of spying being conducted on the American people by the National Security Agency, spying which many of us had, sadly, become complacent to, no time is better to find out why the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, which the NSA & the Federal Government trample over in the name of 'protecting' us, was not only put in place, but is more important than ever -- especially in these times of 'terrorism'. You can't give up rights and hope they shall return as easily as they were relinquished. Reality doesn't work like that and KrisAnne Hall will educate you on why you should not only be concerned over the revelations -- but outraged over what they've uncovered. Go to KrisAnne's website krisannehall.com to learn more about her.

Also go to  our page on her so as to learn more about why her talk will be so important for you to hear [click here]. 

Fred Eichhorn

Fred Eichorn.jpg

Are you sick? Are you feeling ill but don't know why? Is your doctor telling you to take some drug that you had never heard of before, or are you asking him to prescribe you something you saw on a TV commercial? How do you know that that 'medicine' is going to help you? How do you know if it is even safe? It's time to answer those questions especially when American's are getting sicker at an unending rate even though we live in a time of such incredible technical & scientific advancement. Fred Eichhorn knows a thing or two about health, and what he has to say is not going to make you happy about the ads on your TV or the doctor whom you've put so much trust in. Come hear his talk about the state of 'mainstream medicine' & find out why an 'alternative' maybe what you really need. Find out more about Fred Eichhorn at his website www.ncrf.org.

And go to our page on him to find out more on what the mainstream has been neglecting to tell you about the 'medicine' of which they preach of by clicking here.  

Robert P. Murphy


In economic times like the ones we are facing, it's important to find and hear from people who are offering real solutions to the problem: Robert Murphy is just one of those people. A self-confessed Austrian economist and anarcho-capitalist, he's got a view on what needs to be done for the economy very different then that professed by our other speaker on economics, Bill Still. So different are their views, that we've decided to have a debate between the two of them on the first night of our event, one you will not want to miss.

The more we hear about the economy 'recovering' the more we realize that the Mainstream Media & the government are not the places to go for answers to this problem. We need to find them on our own and Bob Murphy is just one of the people we need to hear from, so don't miss his talk. 

Find out more about Bob Murphy by clicking here and going to our page on him. 

Kristen Meghan

Kristen Meagan.jpg

Our skies aren't what they used to be: the nights are not graced by the clear, starry skies that they once used to be and the day are criss-crossed by a wave--a net--of white which streaks across the sky and lingers for hours on end. These lines are denied to exists by those in the mainstream, but others have been crying about their existence for some time now and these people have been saying that these streaks in the sky are not contrails and they are not to be taken lightly. Kristen Meghan, a former member of the U.S. Air Force has come out to say what she's seen and what she's seen is that these 'chemtrails' are real and they are not benign. Her talk may be controversial, but her courage to come forward cannot be denied so come down and hear what she has to say.

Learn more about her and Geo-engineering by going to her page here.  

Josh Tolley


With our economy facing its worse time since the Great depression, now more then ever, America needs the small businessmen, the entrepreneurs, the dreamers to once again show what made this nation the Earth-pounding powerhouse it once was--innovation. But small business has been the receiver of the harsh brunt of the financial downturns of our country. Radio host Josh Tolley has been fighting to bring back the small business for sometime now and he intends to teach the people of Long Island that small business can thrive once again in our area, regardless of the deck that has been stacked against it by big business fearful of the competition & the government which they have bribed to help them. So don't miss Josh's talk as it's going to be inspiring. To learn more about Josh you can go to his website joshtolley.com.

Also go to our page on him which will also give you more information on the struggle our small business future faces. 

Michael J. Murphy


A man on a mission, Micheal J. Murphy has been determined to find an answer to the question of what is going on in our skies. Our skies have grown darker, the stars no longer shine at night as they once did and our ground is showing signs of contamination that simply does not make sense. But if you look up into the sky and watch that trail which follows the planes but does not disappear as a 'contrail' does, then you've found yourself on the right track. Michael J. Murphy's powerful documentaries 'What In The World Are They Spraying' and 'Why In The World Are They Spraying' are both filled with information that is both frightening and enlightening with concern to this situation that the 'authorities' are telling us does not exist. He'll be speaking along with Kristen Meghan on this subject and it's one that won't be easily brushed under the rug as 'Conspiracy Theory' any longer.

Find out more about him and this subject by clicking this link

Kevin P. Miller

Kevin Miller.png

In an age of incredible technological advancement, we find ourselves in the mist of a health nightmare leading to catastrophe. No, we're not speaking of healthcare, we're speaking if Sick care. 'Sick care' you ask? The number of 'conditions', 'diseases' & 'illnesses' affecting our people in this current day is unfathomable, but fortunately, the pharmaceutical companies always seem to have the answer for us. But could they be able to because they have caused the very problem which they 'fight'? Kevin P. Miller tackled this issue in his groundbreaking documentary 'Generation Rx' and his upcoming sequel to it has answers that may shock you. He's been fighting for the health of our people for years now, and he intends to speak about how and we we should join his cause.

Learn more about him and this issue by clicking here.  

Jonathan Landsman


Speaking on the dangers of GMOs Johnathan Landsman has been for sometime now advocating the ending of our nation's current state of 'Sickcare', instead of actual healthcare when it comes to dealing with the sick. The current state of medicine leans painfully towards the maintaining of those who are ill instead of healing and even preventing their illness to begin with, coinciding with pharmaceutical companies desire to prolong the suffering of those afflicted in order to gain more profit from their suffering. Considering the information on GMOs, this trend is looking to continue as studies have shown a correlation between GMO foods and the rise in (mainly intestinal) diseases in our country. Is the danger of these products as great as people like him say? It's time for you to find out, & it's time to do it now.

To learn more about Johnathan and this cause just click here.

Jason Bermas


Without the 1st Amendment, all the others are rendered inert, for how can the people stand up for the others if the 1st is not there to guarantee their right to do so? Jason Bermas knows very well the power and importance of the 1st Amendment as he has been tirelessly using its power to shout out to the masses that the country they live in is not the country of their forefathers and that if they do not stand up for it now, they'll be nothing of it left for their children. This issue is quite possibly the most important of them all as we must stand and we must act and we must do so knowing that it is our right to do so when our government says that we are wrong in doing so. 'We either stand together or we will hang separately', Benjamin Franklin once said, and he was someone who knew what he was talking about. Stand now or forever live in despair.

To learn more about Jason and this issue you can go to our page right here.  

Special Guest Speaker/Performer Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana sm.jpg

Our day/night event on Saturday will be one to remember for many years to come and we thought it best to send it out with a song (or two) of freedom and hope. Tatiana Moroz has delighted many a crowd with her songs and she has honored us by being the closer of our Saturday Main Event. It's not often that those who sing from the heart with integrity and truth get the spotlight shown upon them as they rightfully should, but this night shall be an exception as she is not only a performer, but part of the answer we seek: someone who has decided to be the answer and no longer look to others to make a difference.

Find out more about her and the importance of her stance by clicking here.