The 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum Videos

If you missed it (or simply wanted to experience it again) here's your chance to see it all. Enjoy. And if you find the content of this event to your liking, then please consider donating to our group to help us off set the large cost of making it happen. By doing so, you may make it possible for us to do it again. Thank you [Donate here]

Friday Night, January the 17th -- The Economic Throw Down:

The first day of The Save Long Island Forum kicked off with an economic debate between economists Bill Still and Robert Murphy offering their different perspectives on the economy, The Federal Reserve, Bitcoin & much more. Which also included a Q&A for the audience to have an opportunity to ask them questions about their presentations.

Saturday, January 18th -- The Main Event (videos are shown in the order the speakers appeared-HD versions of all coming soon):

The videos here represent the work of not only we the organizers, but of those who donated their time & equipment to documenting this event, making sure that future generations who believe that they are strong enough to solve the problems of this world, if only the masses could realize that there is nothing dividing them except that which the controllers have made them believe is true. Right now we would like to praise them: 

Quentin Daniels - Jeff Durkin & Steve Boutelle of WeAreChangeCT [3-Day Livestreaming & Sunday Q&A] - John F King [HD vids]

Mary Tocco speaks on Vaccine Awareness at the 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum.

Adam speaks on The Struggle for Liberty, one day after his sentencing.

Sunday, January 19th -- The Q&A To End All Q&As: