The Event

A 3-Day event featuring some of the most well-known individuals speaking on some of the most important issues in our nation broken up into three days. 

Day #1

VIP Welcome Dinner: A buffet dinner with all of our speakers & guest. Space is limited!

Economic Debate: Debate between Austrian economist Robert Murphy & Bill Still on the merits of their specific views of economics Space is limited!

Film Clip Festival: A showing of film clips and short discussions by film makers speaking on Day #2. Space is Limited!

Day #1 runs from 7pm - 10pm.

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Day #2

 The Main Event: 18 speakers on subjects from Common Core to Agenda 21, GMOs to geo-engineering and special performance by Tatiana Moroz. Open to all!

List of Speakers: click here

List of Issues: click here

VIP After Party: At Madison Steak House w/karaoke. All are welcome but space is limited to 200!! Entrance is $10 w/proof of that days attendance at event (ticket stub, pass or hand stamp).

Day #2 runs from 11am - 10pm.

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Day #3

VIP Breakfast: A breakfast buffet with all of our speakers & guest. Space is limited!

Q&A Speaker Panel: All of our speakers will be attending a panel where questions can be asked of them. MC will be Josh Tolley. Space is limited!

Day #3 runs from 11am - 2pm.

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And remember that half of the proceeds from ticket sales will be going to the Feal Good Foundation who's work with First Responders has been above and beyond what anyone could have imagined an organization could do for these brave individuals, sickened by the dust and toxic air quality surrounding ground zero after the attacks of 9-11. Your participation in this event will not only help bring knowledge to others, but shall also help this organization help them. So thank you and we can't wait to see you there.