I was teaching this woman how to use Excel

She showed up to the class late (is that professional) and then told me she needed the certificate to prove to her boss she was in the class and “not shopping.” She never asked a question as I went through the material and yet had to have me explain a whole session during the break.

Please…we ALL have problems and mine are worse than most right now so on my attitude, anger, etc. If I could find some more people like myself (angry and hateful enough) maybe something could be done on a large scale about debt collectors, the government and every other thief who’s stealing money from us (including the kid who robbed me at gunpoint a month and a half ago).

You make an excellent argument for not letting the HR department begin the hiring process. The first concerns should be the applicant’s qualifications for the job, a mature and positive attitude towards learning and whether or not all of the pieces will fit if the person is hired. The problems that are already on the HR desk that day, and they can be severe to insane, shouldn’t enter into it. I consider companies that make the HR “bimbo” be the gatekeeper to be ill fated to hiring idiots – which may indeed be why we’re losing jobs to the rest of the world.

I agree with you!! When I worked at a call center we had a recruiting department, I was too busy (with all sorts of employee relation issues ranging from coming to work high to a guy who came to work for years as a man decides one weekend {yep, he really decided over the weekend!!}he is a woman and want to use the ladies restroom!!!) to mess with the hiring process. The most I did was the HR portion of the new hire orientation. Another job I had I had to do the initial resume screening and interviewing and I hated it – I really didn’t have time to do it and it became a big thorn in my side, but the way the company was set up there was no way to have a recruiting dept. Every company is set up differently and depending on their size or organization having a recruiting dept. may not be feasible.

No matter who you interview with (HR or otherwise) a good, positive attitude is a must!!! I know looking for a job can be very discouraging and when I was looking (for almost a year) I took the attitude that if they didn’t hire me, then I must not be a good fit for that job and/or company and I would rather find out now rather than later and be out looking again.