Need some advice on debt settlement DIY

My husband and I have come to the conclusion we would rather try to settle our debt ourselves. We arrived at this decision by using what I have read from the messages posted here. Why pay someone else when WE can do it and save ourselves the money?? So, what I need is those of you who have actually settled with the following credit card companies to please give me some tips on how to handle them and it would be much appreciated!!!


Citibank holds 4 of our credit cards so therefore we owe them the most.

We would appreciate the help….

Thanks in advance!!!

I was several months past due before I began trying to negotiate a settlement. I figured out what my original balance was (as best I could) and started out by offering 25% of the balance they showed to give myself some negotiating room.

In my experience, MBNA was by far the easiest followed by Discover and Chase.

All I did was call, make a low offer and see what they countered with. I did not pay them during that time. MBNA quickly settled for nearly what I originally offered. Discover and I went back and forth several times. Chase was firmer in their offer.

I did not pay higher than 30% of the balance they showed that I owed.

I do not have any experience with Citibank.

You should also consider getting a loan online from trusted direct lender. There are several steps you should take to get out of credit card debt. Paying off several thousand dollars or more in credit card debt takes time, so you must discipline yourself.

1) If you have several cards, your first goal is to pay off the card with the highest interest rate. This process is called laddering.

2) Pay more money toward that credit card and slightly less toward the other cards, and eventually you can rip it up. Then you move onto the next card, and so on, and so on…

3) One proven way to pay more toward the most expensive card – and to get rid of it faster – is to make a separate payment every 14 days to the credit card company. Mark your calendar every 14 days and write that check or send your online payment that day. Making a payment every 14 days equals one extra month’s payment you’ve made at the end of the year. Work these payments around your statement cycle to avoid paying lates fees.

And watch this video:

Do you think you would’ve had less, or more success if you were more current? Were you telling them that you were trying to avoid filing Ch13 or 7?

Less success if I was more current. I am sure of it. What incentive would they have to settle if you are still paying them? They can only assume that they will get the money that you owe them.

Yes I did tell them that we were trying to avoid filing. We had originally files and requested a dismissal as the new laws would actually be more beneficial to my particular situation.

I had already gone thru the counseling as required under the new law and already spoken to a new attorney who was going to handle everything. Decided to try and settle myself and was successful in doing it that way.

Worked for me and my situation. YMMV

I was happy to see this post

I was happy to see this post, as I have always done the “thank you” card thing when interviewed. My boss says that IS one of the reasons they did in fact give me a try at Christmas 2014. She said out of 50 interviews, myself and 2 others did this gesture.

Attitude really DOES make a difference and while it does not stop discrimination, it makes one rise above it.

Just a thought, ‘Potty mouth’ is in fact grounds for dismissal in some workplaces. I think it makes us look less educated and less desirable in a work environment, so that might be taken into consideration when bandying about the vernacular for male-bovine fecal matter or acts of copulation, etc…..

After all, that constructive ‘angry’ emotion should be used to make us BETTER…. and not contribute to already negative feelings from others. If *I* could clean up MY act , then Anyone can.

On the JOB front, we have ultimate control in helping ourselves. We are the deciding factor in how others will see us. No one would say one doesn’t have a right to be bitter or depressed with what may have happened to us, but it is our RESPONSE-ABILITY to not let it bring us down to a level which is self degrading ever more so.

I know in the HQ of the company *I* work for, the CEO himself is a really bad cusser. In fact he also intersperses his sentences with swear words all the time.

BUT… *I* am NOT the boss, and I know what *I* am allowed is different than he. In So. Cal, depending on the job it can vary. but in Retail, dealing with the general public, we are told not to use bad lingo. Using those things I sited actually gets people to laugh, and breaks the tension in the repair department or when a customer is having a rough day etc.

It’s not a ‘fear’ of the words in my case, I cussed all the time. But here it got me nowhere, no job, few friends and was not constructive in getting things I needed to do done. I know in the back of House (Stockroom, we do let loose with an expletive, like when I almost fell off a tall ladder and said “OH S**T!!!” as I hung onto a top shelf (Really!) and a couple of guys came to save my behind from a 12′ fall. THAT is different.

I still say ‘oh, Damn!” or whatever in BOH, but out on the sales floor when I drop something or so on, I’d say: “Ooooooh, TURKEY TROT!” and people around me get a good laugh and we move on.

I have pals in Aberdeen, and they heard me in my cussing days and asked if I was ‘a reincarnated sailor’…. And if enough people lived a life of love and harmony – we could change the world. Be careful what you wish for – anger, bitterness, resentment usually comes back to you. I myself prefer to spread peace and love wherevery I go and remain faithful that my God, who created this place, will have the last word. See, I’ve read the Book, and I know the ending. God wins. And everything that happens in between doesn’t have eternal significance. Only He does. It’s easier for me to let Him be God.