When you called with an offer

When you called with an offer – did you offer them a % or did you figure it out and then offer them the actual dollar amount you figured that percentage to be?

Well, I figured out as best I could what I originally owed and offered a dollar amount.

For example:

You owe creditor A $10,000.

25% of that is $2,500 and that is what I called and offered.

Most times it was originally rejected and they would come back w/ an offer of 50%. Based on the money I had saved I had to go as low as possible assuming that they would counteroffer.

Sometimes I would counter and if it was reasonable and I could fit it in the overall budget I would settle. I did do payments over the phone via my bank account and never had any problems.

If the offer was not something that I could agree to I would not call them for another month. Start over and begin negotiations again.

When you settled to you pay off the settlement all at once or did you install it??