We’re all into debt, and fighting it

Yes, the government is corrupt. Whose isn’t?

No, it is NOT fair. Life is not fair.

BUT: *I* feel our ‘war’ here is on getting the upper hand on our debiting and then avoiding it in the future!

I think we can and should be angry at being misled, but unless that anger takes a constructive route, (I remember something written about getting angry makes some pay down our debt faster? True in my case anyway) then we are diverting the attention from our needs as individuals and ‘blaming’ the politicians, the war, Iraqis etc…..

THEY did not make me spend, They did not cause me to be 3 months preemie and legally blind either. I did this spending for the most part myself, and the lack of knowledge in neo-natology in the mid- fifties caused my bad eyes.

All the ‘red herrings’ in the world will not pay down my or anyone else’s debt, only we as individuals can change our situations here and now.

No, the Constitution did not have anything about Welfare in it, that came later! They used to just have to let the disabled die and it was ‘tough noogies’. Do some propose then, that we return to that? I wouldn’t like to think so, but I don’t speak for everybody either.

*I* don’t get into politics much at all, I have my own debt and things with it to worry about. We have to do ourselves a favour: Don’t get so consumed with that anger “HATEFUL” emotion about things which we cannot change in our daily lives in the here and now! get angry and start kicking the bills best we can and then some! ‘Hateful’…. (full of HATE) seems to only serve to build up bad emotions, and we need all our strengths to combat the debts we face.