I was teaching this woman how to use Excel

She showed up to the class late (is that professional) and then told me she needed the certificate to prove to her boss she was in the class and “not shopping.” She never asked a question as I went through the material and yet had to have me explain a whole session during the break.

Please…we ALL have problems and mine are worse than most right now so on my attitude, anger, etc. If I could find some more people like myself (angry and hateful enough) maybe something could be done on a large scale about debt collectors, the government and every other thief who’s stealing money from us (including the kid who robbed me at gunpoint a month and a half ago).

You make an excellent argument for not letting the HR department begin the hiring process. The first concerns should be the applicant’s qualifications for the job, a mature and positive attitude towards learning and whether or not all of the pieces will fit if the person is hired. The problems that are already on the HR desk that day, and they can be severe to insane, shouldn’t enter into it. I consider companies that make the HR “bimbo” be the gatekeeper to be ill fated to hiring idiots – which may indeed be why we’re losing jobs to the rest of the world.

I agree with you!! When I worked at a call center we had a recruiting department, I was too busy (with all sorts of employee relation issues ranging from coming to work high to a guy who came to work for years as a man decides one weekend {yep, he really decided over the weekend!!}he is a woman and want to use the ladies restroom!!!) to mess with the hiring process. The most I did was the HR portion of the new hire orientation. Another job I had I had to do the initial resume screening and interviewing and I hated it – I really didn’t have time to do it and it became a big thorn in my side, but the way the company was set up there was no way to have a recruiting dept. Every company is set up differently and depending on their size or organization having a recruiting dept. may not be feasible.

No matter who you interview with (HR or otherwise) a good, positive attitude is a must!!! I know looking for a job can be very discouraging and when I was looking (for almost a year) I took the attitude that if they didn’t hire me, then I must not be a good fit for that job and/or company and I would rather find out now rather than later and be out looking again.

I worked between college and law school

Everyone thought I was going to bolt for further schooling every day. I did plan to leave after several years. I was extremely overqualified. If you need cash now and can’t wait, postpone the master’s. I found jobs that were insulting compared to my academic standing and the place where I graduated college. It made me value the advanced education more. I find it very sexist but women are allowed a sojourn to find themselves that men are not. Oh, when you apply for graduate school, working gives you an advantage. Diversity. You know what the work world is like.

Most of the time I don’t even get simple acknowledgement of receipt of my resume. I just met a bimbo from Orinda HR yesterday who’s more concerned with shopping than interviewing people.

If anyone is from the SF Bay Area here and has a job opening in teaching or programming, drop me a private email please. I know I can do the job.

I was an HR manager for 8 years and with an attitude like that I can understand why you don’t have a job! One thing you have to remember (I learned this from experience both on the job and looking for a job) the fact that you applied for a job with the company is very important to you and the main thing in your life at the moment, but to the HR “bimbo” it is not the most important thing of her day, she may have sexual harassment investigations going on, dealing with other employee relations issues, trying to hire for other positions, dealing with insurance or payroll issues and a hundred other things that pop up in an HR persons day. You have no clue what HR has to deal with on any given day. Believe me a bad/bitter attitude comes across during an interview and do you really think that HR person is going to want to hire or pass on a resume to the hiring manager of a person that has a bad attitude going into the interview process? They are thinking that person may become a potential problem to her in the future, I sure didn’t want to hire anyone like that, I had enough problem employees to deal with I didn’t need one more crappy attitude!!

If you don’t do it already a really great thing to do is to send a thank you note for the interview (e-mail is fine) as it leaves a good feeling with the hiring manager, it shows you have class and shows off your communication skills and it brings your name up in front of the person hiring you once more which is what you want.

Your life may suck today, but you are the only one that can make it not suck tomorrow!!

Where do you get your information?

SF is a terrible place for unemployment. Where are you from? Do you see the homeless and barely poor walking the streets of SF? I’ve had my resume reviewed by several people who would tell me something is wrong with it and they have told me it’s fine.

I’m glad you can be so high and mighty since you apparently have a job.

Trying harder? I don’t know your history so….

Honestly, I can’t answer for everyone… I was pretty fed up with always being told no by employers throughout my life, I knew it was my visual impairment, and I did in fact get very fed up and for about 4 of those years, I stopped trying. Period.

But this time, when I did get that little seasonal job, I KNEW I was good, and when I kept getting turned away yet again, I just said, “I guess I’ll have to go to the ACLU or something. this is just stupid.”.

I got another interview and hired in the following month.

Having been there over a year now, I have received good feedback and raises. I even get called in to fill in for others. If me, a half-blind, diabetic on insulin female can get a job, I’m thinking it’s pretty much do-able by anyone. Especially in this land of the car and ‘Image’ (Southern California).

You, in SF bay area, have the BART system, many, many, many different places and fields of employment. What is your history with employment/ temp agencies? I used to belong to 5 of these, and not one could place me.

I applied just about everywhere around here, and didn’t even think of working in the Stockroom, but I started off there in the back, when they saw I am organized and energetic. Now, I’m back out on the sales floor and help out in back too. I call myself the “Team Safety” . What, in fact are the positions you’re applying for?

I dogged the place I work now for 3 years before getting hired for the seasonal spot. Then I went back the next month and took no excuses. If they don’t call you back CALL THEM! every bloody week! Don’t take NO if you really want to work somewhere. Keep on it all the time!