Today is mine and the kids anniversary

I live in a very small town in Southern IL, and LOVE IT!!! Today is mine and the kids anniversary, it is 3 years today we left Chicago and my now ex to move to Southern IL to live without anger and the violence we dealt with in every day life. I’ve not once regretted my decision and once the kids got settled and started school, they no longer missed the big city.

They are happy and content, have good friends and are truly wonderful kids that never whine that they want this or that. The 10 yr old walks behind everyone turning off lights and since the cable has been cut they read, write, draw, play with their toys, create comic books on scrap paper and visit the library once a week for the summer story time and then look around for new reading material. I have great children, yes, I’m boasting but I’m a very proud mom.

I can remember when spending summers at my grandparent’s house taking a bath up until I was 7 in a washtub outside!

Thank you, its a great idea but I am familiar with my university ‘s student services because I am at the end of my studies. I spent 4 years there already. Even if they had a daycare program, I would not be able to carry the little one there by bus and subway, he’s way too hyper (I don’t drive). And I have 4 other kids who come home from school around 3 pm that could not attend that daycare obviously. That’s why I must do in at a snails pace. It was good thinking on your part though. Thank you.

Its not that bad in Canada. We do have a few canicular days in July but summer is short. In august, its much fresher already. And that’s when all our kids were conceived apparently..

My girls are 6, 8, 10 and 14. And I have a bonus baby boy of 3. Its not how I feel about my age that seems to matter in the working world unfortunately. I feel fine about my age. What I am concerned about is wether an employer will want to hire a 46 year old when he’s got a long line of spring chickens with zero responsibility begging for the job. That’s how old I would be when I graduate from a masters degree because I can only do one course or two max at a time. Most students take 4 or 5 .

There are so many people in the world who waste opportunities. Then there are people like us who just are so badly motivated but nothing ever seems to work in our favor. don’t you think?

I got hired by a company that ‘Thinks Different’ after almost 25 years of chronic unemployability. Not my feeling disabled, my biggest disability were the people around me. No one gave me an interview or the time of day.

I was hired at 48 for holiday work, and back again at 49, and have been there since.

You just go and get it! Don’t take no for an answer!