We’re all into debt, and fighting it

Yes, the government is corrupt. Whose isn’t?

No, it is NOT fair. Life is not fair.

BUT: *I* feel our ‘war’ here is on getting the upper hand on our debiting and then avoiding it in the future!

I think we can and should be angry at being misled, but unless that anger takes a constructive route, (I remember something written about getting angry makes some pay down our debt faster? True in my case anyway) then we are diverting the attention from our needs as individuals and ‘blaming’ the politicians, the war, Iraqis etc…..

THEY did not make me spend, They did not cause me to be 3 months preemie and legally blind either. I did this spending for the most part myself, and the lack of knowledge in neo-natology in the mid- fifties caused my bad eyes.

All the ‘red herrings’ in the world will not pay down my or anyone else’s debt, only we as individuals can change our situations here and now.

No, the Constitution did not have anything about Welfare in it, that came later! They used to just have to let the disabled die and it was ‘tough noogies’. Do some propose then, that we return to that? I wouldn’t like to think so, but I don’t speak for everybody either.

*I* don’t get into politics much at all, I have my own debt and things with it to worry about. We have to do ourselves a favour: Don’t get so consumed with that anger “HATEFUL” emotion about things which we cannot change in our daily lives in the here and now! get angry and start kicking the bills best we can and then some! ‘Hateful’…. (full of HATE) seems to only serve to build up bad emotions, and we need all our strengths to combat the debts we face.

I was happy to see this post

I was happy to see this post, as I have always done the “thank you” card thing when interviewed. My boss says that IS one of the reasons they did in fact give me a try at Christmas 2014. She said out of 50 interviews, myself and 2 others did this gesture.

Attitude really DOES make a difference and while it does not stop discrimination, it makes one rise above it.

Just a thought, ‘Potty mouth’ is in fact grounds for dismissal in some workplaces. I think it makes us look less educated and less desirable in a work environment, so that might be taken into consideration when bandying about the vernacular for male-bovine fecal matter or acts of copulation, etc…..

After all, that constructive ‘angry’ emotion should be used to make us BETTER…. and not contribute to already negative feelings from others. If *I* could clean up MY act , then Anyone can.

On the JOB front, we have ultimate control in helping ourselves. We are the deciding factor in how others will see us. No one would say one doesn’t have a right to be bitter or depressed with what may have happened to us, but it is our RESPONSE-ABILITY to not let it bring us down to a level which is self degrading ever more so.

I know in the HQ of the company *I* work for, the CEO himself is a really bad cusser. In fact he also intersperses his sentences with swear words all the time.

BUT… *I* am NOT the boss, and I know what *I* am allowed is different than he. In So. Cal, depending on the job it can vary. but in Retail, dealing with the general public, we are told not to use bad lingo. Using those things I sited actually gets people to laugh, and breaks the tension in the repair department or when a customer is having a rough day etc.

It’s not a ‘fear’ of the words in my case, I cussed all the time. But here it got me nowhere, no job, few friends and was not constructive in getting things I needed to do done. I know in the back of House (Stockroom, we do let loose with an expletive, like when I almost fell off a tall ladder and said “OH S**T!!!” as I hung onto a top shelf (Really!) and a couple of guys came to save my behind from a 12′ fall. THAT is different.

I still say ‘oh, Damn!” or whatever in BOH, but out on the sales floor when I drop something or so on, I’d say: “Ooooooh, TURKEY TROT!” and people around me get a good laugh and we move on.

I have pals in Aberdeen, and they heard me in my cussing days and asked if I was ‘a reincarnated sailor’…. And if enough people lived a life of love and harmony – we could change the world. Be careful what you wish for – anger, bitterness, resentment usually comes back to you. I myself prefer to spread peace and love wherevery I go and remain faithful that my God, who created this place, will have the last word. See, I’ve read the Book, and I know the ending. God wins. And everything that happens in between doesn’t have eternal significance. Only He does. It’s easier for me to let Him be God.

I was teaching this woman how to use Excel

She showed up to the class late (is that professional) and then told me she needed the certificate to prove to her boss she was in the class and “not shopping.” She never asked a question as I went through the material and yet had to have me explain a whole session during the break.

Please…we ALL have problems and mine are worse than most right now so on my attitude, anger, etc. If I could find some more people like myself (angry and hateful enough) maybe something could be done on a large scale about debt collectors, the government and every other thief who’s stealing money from us (including the kid who robbed me at gunpoint a month and a half ago).

You make an excellent argument for not letting the HR department begin the hiring process. The first concerns should be the applicant’s qualifications for the job, a mature and positive attitude towards learning and whether or not all of the pieces will fit if the person is hired. The problems that are already on the HR desk that day, and they can be severe to insane, shouldn’t enter into it. I consider companies that make the HR “bimbo” be the gatekeeper to be ill fated to hiring idiots – which may indeed be why we’re losing jobs to the rest of the world.

I agree with you!! When I worked at a call center we had a recruiting department, I was too busy (with all sorts of employee relation issues ranging from coming to work high to a guy who came to work for years as a man decides one weekend {yep, he really decided over the weekend!!}he is a woman and want to use the ladies restroom!!!) to mess with the hiring process. The most I did was the HR portion of the new hire orientation. Another job I had I had to do the initial resume screening and interviewing and I hated it – I really didn’t have time to do it and it became a big thorn in my side, but the way the company was set up there was no way to have a recruiting dept. Every company is set up differently and depending on their size or organization having a recruiting dept. may not be feasible.

No matter who you interview with (HR or otherwise) a good, positive attitude is a must!!! I know looking for a job can be very discouraging and when I was looking (for almost a year) I took the attitude that if they didn’t hire me, then I must not be a good fit for that job and/or company and I would rather find out now rather than later and be out looking again.

Getting interviews is not hard

Getting interviews is not hard if your putting out your resume and application. If you put out 10 resumes or applications a week and are not getting at least one call in for a interview then your resume needs some work or your applying for jobs your not qualified for.

Since your resume should have no indication of your age or sex or how your last job went then the problems can only be that your not getting your resume in the right hands or it is simply not written well.

Your wrong there is help out there and the fact that your a 46 year old white guy has nothing to do with any of this. Go to your local Junior college with your positive energy and find the career center. If you don’t like the first person you talk to go back and talk to someone else. SF is not exactly having unemployment problems and you only need one yes. You just have to handle a few nos to get there. If your not sending or delivering at least 10 resumes a week every week then your not treating your job search like your current career your acting like your on vacation.

All I can speak to is my own experience – I am a 42 YO single mom with 2 young children and a teenager. I stayed home with my twins for 5 years. Once I started looking for work I had a job within 1 week for an accounting firm 2 miles from my house.

A positive attitude and a realistic job hunt, along with a well prepared resume should get you in the door somewhere. If not, you need to look at what may be wrong – are you qualified for the jobs you’re applying for? Overqualified? Does your resume show you at your best? How are your interviewing skills? Is there someone in your life (who knows you well) that you’ve asked to look at your resume or practice interviewing for?

Twice since I started working here, I have run ads and interviewed applicants and I am shocked at the apathy of people towards working. So a positive attitude and really selling yourself should be successful!

Good luck!

A well qualified 60 year old bursting with positive energy

A well qualified 60 year old bursting with positive energy will get the job hand down over a 20 year old who is just looking for a job to pay some bills. Since your age or marital status or the number of kids you have is not on the application then that can’t be why you’re not getting interviews. If you are putting that information in the application then STOP! When you get an interview don’t even mention those things. Phrase you availability in a way that is honest but does not give the whys. The interviewer can ask can you be available on an occasional weekend. You should answer this with a clarifying question only if you can come in at that time otherwise simple state no I need to schedule my work hours between xxx and xxx on xxx xxx xxx. If they ask why then simply state you have other commitments during that time. If they press further then try to change the subject by asking a question about the company. If you are interested in the company you can eat the whole interview just getting them to talk about the company. Taking charge of your interview will allow you to show your high points and avoid any less then stellar points.

Treat your interviews like practice and try to enjoy the chance to meet someone new and learn about their company and how great it is.

Always take the application home and fill out with as much care as possible. Take two so if you make a mistake you can ensure your turning in a perfect copy. Photo copy all application prior to turning them in. Make notes on back for those you get calls from.

Sometimes managers will call and do a quick phone interview prior to calling you into for the formal interview process. If you have the application in front of you, you can ensure what you say is consistent with what you wrote. Have a phone in a quiet place in the house where you can close the door and talk without the kids in the background.

Don’t allow kids to answer the phone during business hours for the jobs you have applied to. Have candy or other treats handy and reward them every time they let you complete a call without interruptions. If you have a baby stick them in a safe place and then go out of ear shot so if they start fussing you can still complete the call. Get Caller ID so you know who is calling you don’t answer if chaos is reining in your home at the moment. Always end the call with a when can call you to schedule an interview or when will you be scheduling formal interviews. Always end the interview with what is the next hiring step? When can I call you to schedule this or would it be ok to call you on Friday(3 to 5 days later) to discuss the results of this interview?

The bottom line is:

They cannot ask your age or marital status or if you have kids in an interview and it is not necessary to offer up the information. You need to be honest about your availability and your abilities and that is it. Have questions about the job or company that you can toss out if the interview starts going in the wrong direction. If you have periods of unemployment in your job history then be prepares to give short honest answers that simply state you were in training, helping with family issues, taking time to explore other opportunities then close the answer with do you have tuition reimbursement or what kinds of training options available or something that leads them away from asking for further details. If you have been disabled or are disabled; unless the disability affects your ability to do the job then don’t bring it up. If you need reasonable accommodations then you can arrange that after you are hired. Don’t lie about it if directly asked but don’t offer it up unless it changes how you do the exact job your interviewing for. Simply needing a special chair or a special flooring or lighting or phone with volume adjustments does not change how your do the job those are just reasonable accommodations.