Getting interviews is not hard

Getting interviews is not hard if your putting out your resume and application. If you put out 10 resumes or applications a week and are not getting at least one call in for a interview then your resume needs some work or your applying for jobs your not qualified for.

Since your resume should have no indication of your age or sex or how your last job went then the problems can only be that your not getting your resume in the right hands or it is simply not written well.

Your wrong there is help out there and the fact that your a 46 year old white guy has nothing to do with any of this. Go to your local Junior college with your positive energy and find the career center. If you don’t like the first person you talk to go back and talk to someone else. SF is not exactly having unemployment problems and you only need one yes. You just have to handle a few nos to get there. If your not sending or delivering at least 10 resumes a week every week then your not treating your job search like your current career your acting like your on vacation.

All I can speak to is my own experience – I am a 42 YO single mom with 2 young children and a teenager. I stayed home with my twins for 5 years. Once I started looking for work I had a job within 1 week for an accounting firm 2 miles from my house.

A positive attitude and a realistic job hunt, along with a well prepared resume should get you in the door somewhere. If not, you need to look at what may be wrong – are you qualified for the jobs you’re applying for? Overqualified? Does your resume show you at your best? How are your interviewing skills? Is there someone in your life (who knows you well) that you’ve asked to look at your resume or practice interviewing for?

Twice since I started working here, I have run ads and interviewed applicants and I am shocked at the apathy of people towards working. So a positive attitude and really selling yourself should be successful!

Good luck!