Here’s a serious reply, although the humorous one had me chuckling a bit!

What I’m doing is:

  1. Cut cable, meaning no cable TV, we’re using rabbit ear antenna or the girls are watching the approx. 50 movies we already have!
  2. I keep my central air conditioning thermostat at 78 to 80 F in the summer. In the winter I keep my heat set to 67, 66 for some reason is toooo chilly.
  3. I cook enough to last right about three meals. I use my crockpot a lot as well.
  4. I grocery shop at Aldi, Save a Lot is very similar but I’m a big Aldi fan. And even when I do shop I don’t buy the fruit snacks, etc. I make homemade granola bars, bake late at night in the summer either cakes or muffins.
  5. I shop Salvation Army stores or garage sales for all of my clothing and look for various things my daughters need. We also have friends, relatives that clean out their closets regularly and bring the bags to my house. We go through and take what will fit one of them that they like then donate the rest to charity.
  6. I carpool to work with a woman that lives only 3 blocks from me. We take turns every other day. I also bring my lunch to work and sometimes just work through my lunch. I never turn down overtime if I can go in early or work thru lunch.
  7. I’m lucky to have a 14 yr old daughter than can babysit for me during the day. Her treat for doing this is a few extra overnights at her friends’ houses on the weekends.
  8. During the summer time we have an open pass to my cousin’s swimming pool. We eat as soon as I get home from work and head up to their house, a whole 5 mins by driving and consolidate errands on the way there, if I have to go to get gas, then the Dollar General (and I always use coupons at Dollar General).
  9. If you haven’t already done so check into food stamps, some kind of public assistance. I had food stamps for awhile but my last raise at work knocked me out of my bracket. Should have just said no thanks to the raise huh?
  10. There are also food pantries you can go to at local churches.
  11. My last suggestion is budget billing for utilities.