I worked between college and law school

Everyone thought I was going to bolt for further schooling every day. I did plan to leave after several years. I was extremely overqualified. If you need cash now and can’t wait, postpone the master’s. I found jobs that were insulting compared to my academic standing and the place where I graduated college. It made me value the advanced education more. I find it very sexist but women are allowed a sojourn to find themselves that men are not. Oh, when you apply for graduate school, working gives you an advantage. Diversity. You know what the work world is like.

Most of the time I don’t even get simple acknowledgement of receipt of my resume. I just met a bimbo from Orinda HR yesterday who’s more concerned with shopping than interviewing people.

If anyone is from the SF Bay Area here and has a job opening in teaching or programming, drop me a private email please. I know I can do the job.

I was an HR manager for 8 years and with an attitude like that I can understand why you don’t have a job! One thing you have to remember (I learned this from experience both on the job and looking for a job) the fact that you applied for a job with the company is very important to you and the main thing in your life at the moment, but to the HR “bimbo” it is not the most important thing of her day, she may have sexual harassment investigations going on, dealing with other employee relations issues, trying to hire for other positions, dealing with insurance or payroll issues and a hundred other things that pop up in an HR persons day. You have no clue what HR has to deal with on any given day. Believe me a bad/bitter attitude comes across during an interview and do you really think that HR person is going to want to hire or pass on a resume to the hiring manager of a person that has a bad attitude going into the interview process? They are thinking that person may become a potential problem to her in the future, I sure didn’t want to hire anyone like that, I had enough problem employees to deal with I didn’t need one more crappy attitude!!

If you don’t do it already a really great thing to do is to send a thank you note for the interview (e-mail is fine) as it leaves a good feeling with the hiring manager, it shows you have class and shows off your communication skills and it brings your name up in front of the person hiring you once more which is what you want.

Your life may suck today, but you are the only one that can make it not suck tomorrow!!