Where do you get your information?

SF is a terrible place for unemployment. Where are you from? Do you see the homeless and barely poor walking the streets of SF? I’ve had my resume reviewed by several people who would tell me something is wrong with it and they have told me it’s fine.

I’m glad you can be so high and mighty since you apparently have a job.

Trying harder? I don’t know your history so….

Honestly, I can’t answer for everyone… I was pretty fed up with always being told no by employers throughout my life, I knew it was my visual impairment, and I did in fact get very fed up and for about 4 of those years, I stopped trying. Period.

But this time, when I did get that little seasonal job, I KNEW I was good, and when I kept getting turned away yet again, I just said, “I guess I’ll have to go to the ACLU or something. this is just stupid.”.

I got another interview and hired in the following month.

Having been there over a year now, I have received good feedback and raises. I even get called in to fill in for others. If me, a half-blind, diabetic on insulin female can get a job, I’m thinking it’s pretty much do-able by anyone. Especially in this land of the car and ‘Image’ (Southern California).

You, in SF bay area, have the BART system, many, many, many different places and fields of employment. What is your history with employment/ temp agencies? I used to belong to 5 of these, and not one could place me.

I applied just about everywhere around here, and didn’t even think of working in the Stockroom, but I started off there in the back, when they saw I am organized and energetic. Now, I’m back out on the sales floor and help out in back too. I call myself the “Team Safety” . What, in fact are the positions you’re applying for?

I dogged the place I work now for 3 years before getting hired for the seasonal spot. Then I went back the next month and took no excuses. If they don’t call you back CALL THEM! every bloody week! Don’t take NO if you really want to work somewhere. Keep on it all the time!